Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Why Your Healthy Food is Not Healthy for You!

You are aware that your shopping list should contain more greens than calories after you've created your diet plan.

Strength training and HIITs is far from being as efficient as you want them to be unless make sure you are making the right diet. It is likely that you read this prior to your doctor diagnosing your health concerns that you could have gotten rid of.

The next time you see vegetables like lettuce and spinach, peppers and celery, potatoes cucumbers, carrots, green beans and tomatoes, as well as cauliflower sweet potatoes, eggplants and broccoli on your list of grocery items most likely you'll find yourself shopping for products that contain pesticides in your nutritious salad. Before you replace all your delicious meals to tasty soups and salads to reap the nutrients and flavors they provide, maybe you'd like to learn the truth about these vegetables. They are usually grown using unnatural means such as fertilizers. This means that they put a greater quantity of nitrate to the table than you realize.

Growing your own food

Nitrates are naturally occurring substances composed of nitrogen and oxygen. They are found naturally in soils, because of that they are also found in food and water products, particularly vegetables. They absorb nitrogen through nitrates as well as ammonium in the soil to allow them to grow. But, nitrate that is absorbed through pesticides and fertilizers is accumulated in the fruits and vegetables. Large-scale livestock farming produces massive amounts of manure high in nitrate which gets absorbed into groundwater. Because of this, the majority of nitrate is absorbed into our bodies through water and food used to drink. Research has proven that when a woman who is pregnant consumes excessive amounts of nitrate-rich vegetables that are contaminated with pesticides, the baby could be exposed to harmful chemicals that can result in birth defects. In the long run they can cause diminished IQ and learning capabilities in the growing child.

Here's an easy solution. It is suggested to grow your own organic greens using vermicompost, or organic manure. They provide vital nutrients from the soil such as calcium, nitrogen and phosphorous in an organic medium that is non-chemical, making your food organic and healthy in the end. It not only guarantees authenticity and freshness, but it will also supply all the nutrients that you can get from your diet, which it is natural to have.

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