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Things You Need to Know About Succulent Types of Plants, Decoration and care

Succulents work better for decoration than nearly every other plant, and not just because of their unique forms. They don't require any attention They can be reproduced easily and you don't need to water them. Find out all you can about these trendy green succulents.

What exactly are Succulents?

When we say succulents, we are referring to plants from a variety of species that all have fleshy, thick leaves. They store water within them, which reveals their main characteristic which is that they are very economical and easy to take care of. Many people ask if succulents are cacti. cacti make up a part of succulents however, they constitute a tiny fraction of the succulents. In addition, the word "succulent" is derived in Latin as "succulentus " is a reference to "rich with juice".

There is a distinction drawn between stem succulents or root succulents. However, it is also possible to combine them.

"Caudex plants" or "caudex plants" are a particular type of succulence of the stem. It is evident in the dense trunk that is covered with less or more succulent leaves. They may shed them during an era of dry season. In certain situations the root's top becomes thicker.

Artistic works in the smallest of sizes from nature: Succulents usually come in bizarre or unusual designs and work for sculptures.

Metabolism of Succulents

Contrary to other plants most plants consume the carbon dioxide needed to photosynthesis during the night. The benefit of this is that the losses of water are less during the night, when the gas exchange necessary to produce photosynthesis occurs. The extraordinary metabolism of succulents is referred to as CAM that is Crassulacean Acid Metabolism as it was first identified in thick-leaf plants (Crassulaceae).

Where can I buy Succulents?

There are succulents available to purchase at the local garden centre and at home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. If you're searching for exotic breeds and other types, an excellent alternative is to purchase them on the internet. There are a variety of online stores selling succulents and the top options have been carefully evaluated through Succulent Alley.

As Decoration, Succulents

They look like art works by themselves and are often put in a variety of arrangements as you wish. Because they can survive using very little soil, they can be tempted to play around with: whether miniature pots or holes made in bricks, succulents can also be found in areas that not many other plants is able to stand. So, practically all things can be planted using succulents, but they must not be saturated with water, because even the strongest succulent will not stand up to this.

1. Indoor Decoration Tip: Succulents in Jars

They are so adaptable: They require only little soil, the tiny plants can be planted in a variety of pots, including wine glasses. Let your imagination run wild and provide your succulents with an opportunity to find a new location to call their own. Be aware that it is important to select a sandy cactus plant and ensure that there isn't any waterlogging when you water.

2. Tips for Indoor Decoration: Mediterranean Flair in the Garden

With their light green leaves Some succulents seem to have faded from the sun. Combine these plants with traditional clay or terracotta containers – it looks like an excursion to an area that is hot along the Mediterranean.

3. Indoor Decoration Tip: Plant Old Roller Skates

Do you have any old roller skates that you used to play in located in your basement or the attic? Take them out and bring new life to them by creating a stunning place of your succulents! For this, take off the laces and then fill the skate with soil. Place the succulents you like into the shoe, and then add some thing – your personal succulent ornament is now ready.

Succulents Are So Cheap

They are true survival specialists It's no wonder since they originate from desert regions around the globe where good water management can ensure the survival of the plant. The leaves with thick leaves act as reservoirs in case of emergency, which means succulents are able to withstand prolonged periods of drought. This makes them perfect living arrangements for people with very little time to engage in the green pursuits. They Hunger Artists are also perfect starting plants for kids.

Twisted as an acrobat, and spherical as marbles, or adorned with shiny wax like lotion for suntan The bizarre look of the succulents has only one goal, and that is to decrease the surface area and therefore evaporate the least amount of water possible. The succulents are comprised of species like agaves Sempervivum as well as the sedum (sedum plant) and Cacti.

Deco using succulents does not need to be difficult and can be done yourself. A variety of succulents were put in a large pot.

Succulents They Exist

The succulents are a variety of succulents, each with its own varieties, making succulents a popular item for collectors. The well-known money tree for instance, is upright and ramified, similar to the tree. Echeveria, on the contrary is a flat roset as does the plant known as ragwort (Senecio) and its small leaves that are spherical and arranged on the long shoots is perfect as an ornamental hanging plant. They're all beautiful, easy to care for and true sun kids. The only thing they do not like to do is waterlogging.

The best place to find Succulents

This is easy to explain: the area should be sunny and bright. A south-facing windows is, consequently, the best choice. The only white-frosted and light green varieties are recommended to be protected from intense summer sun or be slightly further off from windows. When it is winter time, succulents ought to be cooler, if it is possible with temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees.

The Plants, the Care as well as Water Succulents

Cactus soil has proved itself as a substrate since it's permeable. Naturally, succulents require water. In the growth stage, which runs between the beginning of summer and autumn the water is thoroughly poured and liquid cactus fertilizer sprinkled every week for four weeks. The soil should dry completely between watering. In the winter months, succulents stop watering and watering is seldom performed.

Did you think succulents only require a spot near the windows? The clever green plants can be an absolute attraction to the eye when they are hanging!

What is the best way to Propagate Succulents?

Succulents are easily propagated through cuttings taken from the head, and a number of species can be propagated from leaves, which are cut off the plant before being placed in the potting soil. Important cutting or breaking points need to dry for a few hours before being placed in.

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