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Air Layering Technique Plant

The Air Layering Method Plants that have grown beyond their limits or have become sloppy and ungainly can be re-shaped so that new plants can be created via air layering stems. Air layering is a method of forming a new stem instead of cutting away the stem it's cut and then placed on top of the stem. If done correctly roots will develop within the notched stem, and the new plant is ready to be potted again within a short period of time.

This isn't going to cause harm to the plant in question and will often assist in helping the plant grow stronger since it can help shape it into a pleasing form by cutting off the branches and stems that are leggy.

If you're unfamiliar with the process of air layering take a look at the video below on YouTube to get a great explanation of the technique used to layer air.

From now until the close of the month "July" is the perfect moment to collect softwood stem cuttings from plants and shrubs. Cuttings taken during this time of year are able to root quickly. The stems are able to be over-winterized in the cold frame or in a frost-free zone and then repotted in the spring. Look up the calendar for February to find directions on how to collect cuttings of softwood. Herbs can also be propagated through cuttings during this month. The end of July is the best moment to collect cuttings of geranium.

The cuttings you cut today will flower indoors throughout those winter days. Additionally, you will be able to plant these plants in the garden after spring. Be sure to place them in a sun-lit window. If you're in the North it is possible that you will need to provide more light to allow the geraniums' bloom. Seed broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, radishes, and other salad greens in preparation for the fall harvest. Start the seeds three months prior to the first frost.

They can be planted in the indoors or in a safe spot outside. General Container Gardening Tasks Below is some things that may be useful for your garden container It is the time to trim apple trees or any other fruit trees you have planted in containers. Get rid of any crossed or overcrowded branches. Maintain an open frame and allow each branch the space to expand unhindered.

Honeysuckle and wisteria also benefit by pruning now. Regular pruning helps keep your plants and trees looking great and putting out an abundance of fruits and flowers. If you've not yet done it yet, get your autumn flowers from colchicum, autumn crocusand Cyclamens today. These bulbs will give your containers with a vibrant spring in the fall and prolong your gardening enjoyment through the winter.

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