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Pigeon Control Solutions for Long Lang

We've experienced problems with pigeons for a long time. They are a threat to our homes and art landmarks, and also cause health problems. They can be loud and chaotic, and also producing more trouble than they're worth, therefore it is crucial to control their number.

We're looking for long-term solutions to this issue. The short-term solutions may not be the most effective. In order to provide solutions for short-term problems many companies began making their own repellents and deterrents.

We can employ bird spurs as well as gel repellents to swiftly get rid of them from smaller areas like our homes and offices. This might only be for the short term, but the main issue is that pigeons always find new locations to build nests.

Therefore, it is essential to determine the most efficient way to control pigeons that will last for a long time. We can get rid of the primary reason for their rapid growth and also eliminate the harm they're causing.

Long-Term, Effective Solutions for Controlling Pigeon The Populations

There are numerous options to control the increasing number of the pigeons. Certain are fatal, while others might not be effective long-term. The issue may be solved through long-term solutions.

Useful Birth Methods for Control

Their explosive increase is because pigeons have more than 12 babies each year. Many companies provide contraceptives to reduce the number of pigeons.

OvoControl P is an contraceptive which is pigeon friendly. If birds consume frequently, their eggs will not grow. The contraceptives can be utilized in areas with numerous pigeons in order to control their number.

You can provide contraceptives to pigeons like OvoControl with different methods. Contraceptives are used in factories and other areas, where they can damage equipment due to their droppings.

Beware of feeding Pigeons

People believe that feeding birds is an act of love, since numerous cultures encourage kindness towards animals and birds. They do not realize the extent of the harm they do and the amount spent on costly repairs.

Pigeons reproduce faster than other species of birds. Their flocks also increase in size when there is more food available. We can decrease their population by educating the public about potential health hazards and damage they may cause.

Aiming to eat consciously and not the waste of leftovers can aid in reducing the number of pigeons. A smaller portion of food is healthier for birds, and the number of birds within the flock decreases slowly.

Egg Nests for Removal

It is also possible to build huge nests to take eggs away from the pigeons. This is a fantastic method to manage the population of birds. It is possible to build large nests in parks or other areas that have several birds. After that, we can take the eggs and dispose of them correctly.

The nests should be set on various sites and be kept in good condition on a regular basis. Amazing results have been obtained by building lofts for pigeons to stay in and breed in, and then removing their eggs.

This is best done after other areas of roosting are closed to Pigeons, so that they will eventually pick these places to nest. This allows them to take care of their mess behind and decreases the number of pigeons.

How do I find the best solution?

We're not sure what's best method to use to control the increasing numbers of birds. There are some solutions that seem to be feasible however we aren't certain that they'll work.

Some options, such as killing pigeons won't be effective long-term due to their large hatch rate and inability to take out enough. Even if they're killed in sufficient quantity, a sudden reduction in their numbers will produce more food resources for the remaining pigeons and the number of pigeons will rise yet again.

The quantity of sources of food is directly linked to the amount and size of the pigeons. It's also not a good idea to kill the birds. A lot of people do not agree with this method.

We suggest that you restrict sources of food and utilize contraceptives for birth control like OvoControl P to prevent the rapid growth of the Pigeon populations.

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