Construction of Web Site

by John Perkins

A Sunset on Canobie Lake Salem, New Hampshire
Picture by S & J Perkins
Sunset on Canobie Lake on July 31, 1997

The construction philosophy has been adopted from a joke I learned as a young child. On being asked to give a verbal report on a book she had read after eagerly selecting it from the school library, the little girl stood up holding the book for all to see and responded, "This book told me more about kangaroos than I ever wanted to know." With this in mind, I hope you enjoy some of the information on the Massachusetts Chapter and the genus rhododendron contained on this site.

The following people have contributed information:
  • Henk Borsje
  • Frank Brako
  • Dick Brooks
  • Joe Bruso
  • Betty Carlhian
  • Dick Chaikin
  • Susan Clark
  • Ed Collins
  • Mike Creel
  • Ian Donovan
  • Louise Forrest
  • Omer Harrison
  • George Hibben
  • J. Powell Huie
  • Ted Kellogg
  • Janet Killeen
  • Peter Littlefield
  • Marsha Mitchell
  • John and Sally Perkins
  • Charles and C.J. Patterson
  • Joe Parks
  • Lorry Roeder
  • Glenn Russell
  • Claire Smith
  • George Silverman
  • Bill Sweeney
  • Mark Vincenzes
  • Jim Welch

The following people have contributed images:

  • Henk Borsje
  • Dick Brooks
  • Joe Bruso
  • Betty Carlhian
  • Dick Chaikin
  • Susan Clark
  • Mike Creel
  • George Hibben
  • Bob Hickey
  • J. Powell Huie
  • C.J. Patterson
  • John and Sally Perkins
  • Glenn Russell
  • Jim Welch

Contributions of any information about the Massachusetts Chapter or rhododendrons are eagerly sought. Feel free to offer suggestions but as Number 2 said in the Prisoner TV series "what we seek is information." Computerized information is preferred over paper but we have ways to scan paper or pictures. If you give us computerized site related information, we will make an effort to incorporate some or all of it into the site. If you think it is interesting, then it is interesting and worthy of inclusion. The question will be how best to incorporate it with the rest of the site.

Looking for information about the Massachusetts Chapter such as:

  • List of former officers and committee heads
  • List of 'Best in Show' winners
  • List of MHS show designers and awards won at the MHS flower shows
  • List of rhododendrons being grown at the display gardens
  • Descriptions of local public gardens with rhododendrons
  • Descriptions of you own garden or some other member's garden
  • Article on a trip to see rhododendrons
  • List of rhododendrons you grow in your garden
  • List of the favorite rhododendrons you grow
  • List of rhododendrons you have hybridized and your hybridizing goals
  • Articles published by members in the ARS Journal, Rosebay, or other journals
  • Pictures of rhododendrons you have hybridized
  • Pictures of member's gardens
  • Pictures of flower shows
  • Pictures of any Chapter activity
  • Is your garden open for visit by members? (make as conditional as you want )

Feel free to send information even if it is does not easily fit under any item on this list.

The site is not intended to replace the Chapter newsletter or the Rosebay. Only a small percentage of the Chapter members currently have web access.

The Chapter schedule page will normally be the only page containing time dependent information. If the schedule page is out of date it probably means the site is no longer being maintained.

The site is created to fill the screen independent of display resolution or monitor size. More professional sites often tailor the layout to 14 inch monitors; thereby allowing complete control over layout.

Except for thumbnails, pictures will be limited to one picture per page. Hopefully, most pages with contain a picture. Maximum picture size will normally be 800 by 600 and no larger than 200K.This is to allow reasonable download times over home modems.

Tables will be the most advanced feature used in creating the early phases of this site. No use of frames, javascript, java , or activeX. No blinking, animation or sound used.

Maps are created using a link to Map Quest so that multiple views from national to city to street can be provided to anyone interested in finding a location. In general, maps are defaulted to a city view but a more global or more local view can be obtained by merely using the scale to the right of the map.

No member addresses or member phone numbers will be included. However, member email addresses will be included. If your email address is placed in the site, you will be notified by us. In general, personal emails will only appear on the Join, Schedule, and Roster pages.

The background contains a faint image of an azalea but this does not show up on lower resolutions. This will be the background of most if not all pages so the background is downloaded only once. Most browsers allow you to set your own background independent of the one selected by the site creator.

Site created on November 1, 1997

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