Chapter Van Veen Order

Loaded Van Veen Order 
Picture by S & J Perkins 
Loaded Van Veen Order in Marshfield, MA 

Massachusetts Chapter members may order at wholesale prices through the Chapter's Van Veen Order.

The Van Veen orders are received from the membership and collated into a single order to be sent to Van Veen. This is all done with the diligent work of a few volunteers but especially so for the Van Veen Chairperson. Order confirmation from Van Veen is received in early February for the April delivery. Invoices are sent with a list of each member's confirmed plants.

Pickup is scheduled for a Sunday in April. The date is announced well in advance along with the delivery location. See Chapter Schedule .

A large number of member volunteers are needed to organize the distribution of about 1500- 2000 yearlings in the day before the actual pick-up. At the sale, volunteers are needed to help check and recheck the orders, sell the "left-over" Van Veen and the Briggs plants. The Briggs plants are tissue-cultured  and may be Rhododendrons, Hostas, Astilbes, Hellebores, or whatever is new and exciting from Briggs Nursery that year.

The picture above includes plants ordered from Van Veen, Briggs, and A Sandy Rhododendron.

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