Plant Evaluation and Awards Committee

Rhododendron 'Marydel' (Hill) 
Picture by S & J Perkins 
Rhododendron 'Marydel' growing in Salem, NH.

The Massachusetts Chapter's Plant Evaluation and Awards Committee is currently evaluating six of Polly Hill's rhododendron and azalea selections. They have been placed on the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY Eligibility List as candidates for a Conditional Award. This award comes before a rhododendron selection can be considered for an ARS Award of Excellence or the highest ARS rating, Superior Plant Award.

Bob Furman's hybrids selected in 1995 for evaluation:

  • 'Pure Pleasure'
  • 'Golden Star' x 'Odee Wright'
  • 'Golden Torch' x ('Goldfort' x 'Odee Wright')

Polly Hill's plants selected in 1996 for evaluation:

  • the deciduous azaleas
    • Rhododendron cumberlandense 'Sunlight'
    • Rhododendron sanctum 'Zeke'
    • Rhododendron 'Marydel'
  • the elepidote species
    • Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Wild Wealth'
    • Rhododendron makinoi 'Lydia Richards'
  • the evergreen azalea
    • Rhododendron nakahari 'Mount Seven Star'

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