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Pictorial Tour of Plants For Members Activities

Picture of Stuck Cuttings

The above flats illustrate the diversity of rhododendrons that are propagated by P4M. Shown are:

  • evergreen azaleas which are usually easily rooted without hormone
  • small leaf rhododendrons (lepidotes) which are usually easily rooted with low concentrations of  hormone
  • large leaf rhododendrons (elepidotes) which vary greatly in ease of  rooting and require higher concentrations of  hormone.

Notice the leaves have been trimmed on the large leaf rhododendrons. Mist is applied to encourage rooting.

No deciduous azaleas cuttings are shown. Deciduous azalea cuttings are taken earlier in the year when the new growth is still soft. Rootability of deciduous azaleas can vary greatly and rooted cuttings often fail to break dormancy in the spring.

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