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Pictorial Tour of Plants For Members Activities

Sticking Cuttings at Planeview Nursery in Portsmouth, RI

After the cuttings are recorded and labeled, the sticking begins. This involves:

  • removing all but the upper most leaves (usually 3)
  • trimming of the leaves if the leaves are too long
  • retrimming the bottom of the cutting's stem
  • scaring the bottom of the cutting's stem to expose the cambium layer
  • applying rooting hormone to the bottom 3/4 of the scared tissue  (top 1/4 of the scared tissue may root without hormone)
  • making a hole for the cutting so hormone is not removed by sticking
  • sticking the cutting so the leaves do not touch the rooting medium but the cutting is secured
  • inserting labels to identify the cuttings.

The flats of stuck cuttings are moved to the misting area.

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