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The booklet contains 8 main pages.

  • The "History of Species Study Group" page has for convenience a DOWN link to 4 related pages categorizing the 150+ rhododendron species surveyed as recommended, conditionally recommended, not recommended, or insufficient data. These are the same 4 pages that appear under "Rating of Species for New England".
  • The "Why Grow Rhododendron Species?" page has a DOWN link to a 58 page tour showing the foliage, flower, and plant habit of 8 rhododendron species that perform well in New England.
  • The "Rating of Species for New England" page has two DOWN links. The first links to the same 4 related pages categorizing the rhododendron species that were linked to by the "History" page. There is a DOWN link off of each of these pages to a 144 page tour of rhododendron species. The second links to 4 related pages containing the data that was used as a basis for the categorization the species.
  • The "Species in Our Midst" page has a two DOWN links. The first link is to 60+ articles on species. These articles were used to survey the members of the Massachusetts Chapter. The second link is to a list of books the Species Study Group members reference in their study of species.
  • The "Favorite of the Species Study Group" page has two DOWN links. The first links to 8 pages listing the favorites of individual members of the Species Study Group. The second links to a 29 page tour of the composite list of favorites of the Species Study Group.
  • The "List of Nurseries" has no DOWN links.
  • The "What Have They Done to Our Names?" Page has three DOWN links. The first link is to an article on naming conventions. The second link is to a list of obsolete names for species. The third link is to an article on azaleas are rhododendrons.
  • The "Genus Rhododendron" Page has three DOWN links. The first links to 18 pages of other genus in the Heath (Ericaceae) family to which Rhododendrons belong. The second links to 26 pages of Rhododendron species native to North America where the Rhododendrons native to New England are listed first. The third links to 7 pages of close up images of Rhododendron species.

The diagram above shows you the basic layout of the booklet. Clicking the links on this diagram will take you to the "start" of the sections or subsections of the booklet. If you click the NEXT arrow starting with "History" you will navigate the top level sections from "History" to "Genus". In any subsection clicking the NEXT arrow will allow you to navigate all the pages of that subsection. The number of pages in a subsection is indicated using (#). Clicking on the number takes you to a index of the pages in the corresponding subsection.

The recommended method of navigating this booklet is to use the PREVIOUS, NEXT, UP, and DOWN arrows that are optionally provided in the left-hand column of each page. Clicking just these "controls" will allow you to view the entire booklet. The NEXT arrow allows you to view all the related pages at a given level. The DOWN arrow(s) when present allows you to view more detailed pages about a given topic. The UP arrow when present takes you back to a less detailed view.

The "same level" navigation provided on any given page of the booklet is circular in nature. If you follow the NEXT arrows starting with any page that has such a control you will eventually end back where you started pressing NEXT. The PREVIOUS arrows also cause this circular "same level" navigation. All NEXTs have a corresponding PREVIOUS.

In all cases (except for "History of Species Study Group") clicking a DOWN link on a page followed by a click of the UP link will return you back to the original page.

Every page of the booklet has in the left-hand column a link to the main pages and the Navigation page. Every subsection has a corresponding SubIndex page showing the titles of the pages in that subsection and every page of a subsection has a link to this SubIndex.

The set of links below the arrows in the left-hand column of this page provides a more traditional view of the structure of this booklet.

The browser-based version of this booklet was designed and built by John and Sally Perkins in cooperation with the Species Study Group of the American Rhododendron Society Massachusett Chapter.

The contents of this booklet is copyrighted by the Massachusetts Chapter ARS and is the combined property of the Massachusetts Chapter ARS and the individuals credited with its production.

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