Rhododendron Foliage Show 97 Results

By Susan B. Clark, Head Judge

BEST IN SHOW:  'Mrs. C.S.Sargent' X 'Dexter's Purple'
Picture by S & J Perkins
Picture of Best in Show in Fall Foliage Show 1997

BEST IN SHOW:  J. Parks 'Mrs.C.S.Sargent' X 'Dexter's Purple'

RUNNER UP 1ST:  R. Brooks R. yakushimanum X bureavii

WORST IN SHOW (Class 10): J. Parks 'Roseum Elegans' X ?

Class 1. Deciduous Azaleas
First G. Hibben R, cumberlandense X arborescens
Second C. Keegan R. calendulaceum
Third The Perkins R.viscosum
H.M. G. Hibben R.vaseyi

Class 2. Evergreen Azaleas
First G. Hibben R.kaempferi
Second I. Donovan R. kiusianum 'Hinode'
Third R. de Burlo R. kiusianum 'Komo Kulshan'
H.M. R. Johnston 'Gillin's Red'

Class 3. Lepidotes
a. With fall color
First G. Hibben 'Weston's Pink Diamond'
Second G. Hibben 'Alice Swift'
Third no award
b. Without fall color
First The Perkins 'Myrtifolium'
Second The Perkins 'Manitou'
Third E. Carlhian 'April Mist'
H.M. R. Brooks R. edgeworthii
c. Dwarf with fall color
First I. Donovan  R. dauricum dwarf form
Second C. Keegan  R. mucronulatum 'Crater's Edge'
Third no award
d. Dwarf without fall color
First R. Brooks  R. websterianum
Second The Perkins R. groenlandicum
Third R. Brooks R. fastigiatum
H.M. R. de Burlo R. fastigiatum

Class 4. Elepidotes
a. Leaves under 6" long
First R. Brooks 'Gartendirektor Rieger'
Second T. Kellogg R. oreodoxa
Third R. Brooks 'Finlandia'
H.M. C. Keegan 'Mission Bells'
b. Leaves 6" long or longer
First J. Parks 'Mrs. C.S. Sargent' X 'Dexter's Purple'
Second R. Brooks R. sutchuenense
Third E. Carlhian 'Rocky's White'
H.M. E. Carlhian 'Scintillation'
J. Parks 'Roseum Elegans' X 'White Consolini'

Class 5. Elepidotes -Indumented Species
a. Rhododendron yakushimanum
First R. Brooks R. yakushimanum. Bovee Dwarf Form
Second  R. de Burlo R.roxieanum var. oreonastes
Third T. Kellogg R. yakushimanum Bovee Dwarf Form
H.M. The Perkins R. yakushimanum Phetteplace
b. Other Indumented Species
First T. Kellogg R. makinoi
Second I. Donovan R. pachysanthum RSF form
Third R. Brooks R.degronianum ssp. heptamerum
H.M. T. Kellogg R. bureavii

Class 6. Elepidotes -Indumented Hybrids
a. Hybrids in which at least 50% of the ancestry is glabrous
First J. Parks  R. yakushimanum X
(yakushimanum X haematodes X
(yakushimanum X ?))
Second R. Brooks 'Blewbury'
Third I. Donovan R. yakushimanum FCC X 'Helen Schaffner'
H.M. T. Kellogg 'Blewbury'
b. All other hybrids
First R. Brooks R. yakushimanum X bureavii
Second I. Donovan 'Today & Tomorrow'
Third T. Kellogg 'Essex Scarlet' X 'Yale'

Class 7. Vireya - Foliage only
no entries

Class 8. Juvenile foliage
First G. Hibben R. impeditum
Second R. de Burlo R. pachysanthum
Third no award

Class 9. All others not readily classified in classes 1-8
First G. Hibben Viburnum ichangense
Second G. Hibben Hydrangea quercifolia
Third no award

Class 10. Damaged, diseased or distressed foliage
First J. Parks 'Roseum Elegans' X ?
Second T. Kellogg 'Stressed'
Third R. Brooks 'SW 58-279N'

I would like to thank the two teams of judges and clerks for hard work in spite of the almost overwhelming distractions of the social hour and the beginnings of dinner. This was a good sized show (over 110 entries) of beautiful foliage and the judging was often difficult. Only 10 people brought in entrees,though! Thanks to the judges: our guest speaker Leonard O. Miller, DDS, Jim Aplin, Henk Borsje, Betty Carlhian, Bruno Falanga, Joe Parks and Charlie Patterson. And to the clerks: Ed Bensley, Frank Brako, Charles Keegan and Sally Perkins. And thanks to C.J. Patterson for being registrar and show steward when she should have been in bed nursing a fever!

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