1998 Memorial Day Flower Show Results

by Susan Clark, Head Judge

Rhododendron 'Lem's Monarch' (Lem)
Class 10B Flower Show Entry
Picture by S & J Perkins 
Rhododendron 'Lem's Monarch' (Lem) displayed at the Memorial Day Flower Show 

Best in Show: 'Lem's Monarch' Bob Furman
Best Seed Exchange arborescens X 'Strawberry' Dick Reinemann
Best Novice no trophy awarded
Best Species austrinum Powell Huie
Best N. E. Hybrid-Severe Red 'Francesca' Powell Huie
Best N. E. Hybrid-Severe Pink 'Mars' X 'Green Flare' Ian Donovan
Best N. E. Hybrid-Severe White 'Big Deal' Dick Brooks
Best N.E. Hybrid-Mild ('Mary Belle' X 'Dexter's Honeydew') X sibling Bob Furman
Best Deciduous Azalea Hybrid 'Pink Delight' Ian Donovan
Best yakushimanum Hybrid 'Anna' X yakushimanum Bob Furman
Best Evergreen Azalea Hybrid 'Chirac' Joe Parks
Best Lepidote Hybrid no trophy awarded
Best -25 Elepidote Hybrid 'Calsap' Dick Brooks
Best -15 Elepidote Hybrid 'Big Deal' Dick Brooks
Best -5 Elepidote Hybrid 'Lem's Monarch' Bob Furman
Best Dexter Hybrid HE 401-93 Jo Coleman
Best Leach Hybrid 'Lodestar' Russ DeBurlo

1. Species: Subgenus Hymenanthes (elepidote rhododendrons)

1A. Subsection Fortunea no entries

1B. Subsection Pontica

First: yakushimanum Bob Furman
Second: smirnowii the Wrightingtons
Third: Catalga Whispering Pines

2. Species: Subgenus Rhododendron (lepidote rhododendrons)

2A. Section Rhododendron

2A.1 Subsection Caroliniana

First: . no award
Second: no award
Third: minus var. carolinianum Joe Parks

2A.2 All other subsections no entries

2B. Section Pogonanthum

First: trichostomum Dick Brooks
Second: sargentianum Dick Brooks
Third: no award

2C. Section Vireya no entries

3. Species: Subgenus Pentanthera (deciduous azaleas)

First: austrinum Powell Huie
Second: molle ssp. japonicum George Hibben
Third: calendulaceum Dick Brooks
Third: atlanticum 'Marydel' Russ DeBurlo

4. Species: Subgenus Tsutsutsi (evergreen azaleas)

First: kiusianum Dick Brooks
Second: kiusianum Han #6 Anne Reisch
Third: kiusianum Leo's White Dick Brooks
Third: macrosepalum George Hibben
Third: kiusianum Joe Parks

5. Species: Subgenera Azaleastrum, Candidastrum, Mumeazalea &

Therorhodion no entries

6. New rhododendrons grown from seed and never before exhibited at an A.R.S. show:

6A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the National A.R.S. Seed Exchange no entries

6B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

6B1. White

First: Madrid X Limeade George Hibben
Second: Ivory Palace selfed the Wrightingtons
Third: Scintillation X Nestucca George Hibben

6B2. Other

First: yakushimanum FCC X Kubla Khan George Hibben
Second: Keith Brown Whispering Pines
Third: Roseum Maid Joe Parks
H.M.: Cocheco Big Chief Joe Parks

7. Elepidote hybrids hardy to –25F

7A. Red

First: America Whispering Pines
Second: no award
Third: Lucas Best Red David Musket

7B. Pink

First: no award
Second: Mars X Green Flare Ian Donovan
Second: DB-39 the Wrightingtons
Third: Anne Goss Joe Parks

7C. White

First: Calsap No. 2 Dick Brooks
Second: Lodestar Russ DeBurlo
Third: fortunei Lushan X White Peter Ian Donovan
H.M.: catawbiense album Lorry Roeder

7D. Lavender, purple

First: no award
Second: Harrisville the Wrightingtons
Third: no award

7E. Cream, yellow: no entries

7F. Orange, apricot: no entries

8. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -6F to –15F

8A. Red

8A1. June Fire

First: Dick Brooks
Second: the Wrightingtons
Third: no award

8A2. Other

First: Vulcan's Flame X Small Wonder Bob Furman
Second: Red Frilled Lorry Roeder
Third: no award
H.M.: Thunderstorm Dick Brooks


First: Powell Huie
Second: Jo Coleman
Third: Lorry Roeder
H.M.: the Wrightingtons

8B. Pink

8B1. Light Pink

First: Janet Blair Anne Reisch
Second: Janet Blair Russ DeBurlo
Third: Nuance Whispering Pines
H.M.: Dean Hall Jim Aplin

8B2. Dark Pink

First: Souvenir of Anthony Waterer Whispering Pines
Second: Nantucket the DeBruyns
Third: Dr. Browning the Wrightingtons
H.M.: Raspberry Sherbet Lorry Roeder

8B3. with Blotch

First: Lady Eleanor Cathcart Ian Donovan
Second: Lady Eleanor Cathcart David Musket
Third: Schumacher 1593 Ian Donovan
H.M.: Kokardia Jo Coleman
H.M.: Lady Eleanor Cathcart Dick Brooks

8C. White

First: Baroness Henry Schroeder Dick Brooks
Second: Chionoides the Keegans
Third: no award
H.M.: White Dimple Peg Megowan

8D. Lavender, purple

8D1. Lavender

First: Everestianum Russ DeBurlo
Second: Cowle's Beryl Coronet Ian Donovan
Third: Lee's Best Purple Dick Brooks
H.M.: Roslyn the Johnstons

8D2. Dark Purple

First: Royal Star Whispering Pines
Second: Irresistible Impulse Powell Huie
Third: Dorothy Amateis the Wrightingtons
H.M.: Hardgrove's Royal Star Dick Brooks
H.M.: Olin O. Dobbs Whispering Pines

8E Cream, yellow

First: Big Deal Dick Brooks
Second: no award

8F Orange, apricot

First: no award
Second: Apricot Glow Dick Brooks

9. Elepidote hybrids hardy to 0F to –5F

9A. Red

First: : Snow's Red Jo Coleman
Second Blackie Lorry Roeder
Third: Thunderstorm Whispering Pines
H.M.: Thunderstorm Dick Brooks

9B. Pink

First: Furnival's Daughter Powell Huie
Second: Mrs. E.C.Sterling Powell Huie
Third: Powder Mill Run Powell Huie

9C. White

First: no award
Second: Sappho Whispering Pines
Third: no award

9D. Lavender, purple

First: Purple Lace Jo Coleman
Second: Minnetonka the Wrightingtons
Third: Melanie Shaw David Musket
H.M.: Melanie Shaw the DeBruyns
H.M.: Purple Splendor Whispering Pines

9E. Cream, yellow no entries

9F. Orange, apricot

First: (Mary Belle X Dexter's Honeydew) X sibling Bob Furman
Second: Mary Belle X Dexter's Honeydew Bob Furman
Third: no award
10. Elepidote hybrids less hardy than 0F
First: Lem's Monarch Bob Furman
Second: no other entries

11. Dexter hybrids

11A. Red no entries

11B.1 Scintillation no entries

11B.2 Other pinks

First: no award
Second: HE 401-93 Jo Coleman
Third: Janet Blair the DeBruyns
H.M.: Weston Dexter the DeBruyns
H.M.: Ben Moseley the Wrightingtons

11C. White no entries

11D. Lavender, purple no entries

11E. Cream, yellow no entries

11F. Orange, apricot no entries

12. Hybrids with at least 1/4 yakushimanum in parentage

12A. Red

First: yakushimanum X (Tally Ho X yakushimanum) Bob Furman
Second: Crimson Constellation Dick Brooks
Third: Captain's Lady Ian Donovan

12B. Pink

First: Aviva Ann Dick Brooks
Second: (yakushimanum X Mars) X Jean Marie Bob Furman
Third: yakushimanum X Mars Lorry Roeder

12C. White

First: Anna X yakushimanum Bob Furman
Second: Gordon Jones Powell Huie
Third: Porcellum Jo Coleman

12D. Lavender, purple no entries

12E. Cream, yellow

First: no award
Second: Percy Wiseman X (Jalisco X yakushimanum) Bob Furman
Third: no other entries

12F. Orange, apricot

First: Mary Belle X (Jalisco X yakushimanum) Bob Furman
Second: no other entries

13. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -16F to –25F no entries

14. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -6F –15F no entries

15. Lepidote hybrids hardy to 0F to –5F no entries

16. Lepidote hybrids, other than Vireyas, less hardy than 0F no entries

17. Vireya hybrids no entries

18. New azalea hybrids grown from seed and never before exhibited at an A.R.S. show:

18A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the A.R.S. Seed Exchange no entries

18B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

First: no award
Second: atlanticum X calendulaceum George Hibben

19. Deciduous azalea hybrids, small-flowered:

19A. Red only 1 entry, no award

19B. Pink only 1 entry, no award

19C. White

First: no award
Second: Daviesii Russ DeBurlo
Third: Nacoochee George Hibben

19D. Lavender, purple no entries

19E. Cream, yellow

First: no other entries
Second: Narcissiflora Powell Huie

19F. Orange, apricot

First: Fireflash Ian Donovan
Second: seedling D82-26 Ian Donovan

20. Deciduous azalea hybrids large-flowered:

20A. Red no award

20B. Pink

First: Pink Delight Ian Donovan
Second: Homebush Ian Donovan
Third: no award
H.M.: Argosy the Keegans

20C. White no entries

20D. Lavender, purple no entries

20E. Cream, yellow

First: no award
Second: Umpqua Queen Ian Donovan
Third: Yellow Pompom Ian Donovan

20F. Orange, apricot

First: Klondyke Dick Brooks
Second: Winter Ruby X Corringe Pete Littlefield
Third: no award

21. Evergreen azalea hybrids hardy to -5 or lower

21A. Red no entries

21B. Pink

21B1. Komo Kulshan

First: the Keegans
Second: Russ DeBurlo
Third: George Hibben

21B2. Other

First: Chirac Joe Parks
Second: Pocono Pink the Johnstons
Third: no award
H.M.: Rosebud George Hibben

21C White

First: Gardenia the Johnstons
Second: no other entries

21D: Lavender, purple no entries

21E. Cream, yellow no entries

21F. Orange, apricot no entries

22. Evergreen azalea hybrids less hardy than -5 F no entries

23. Azaleodendrons no entries

24. Rhododendrons, elepidote and lepidote, identity unknown

First: Whispering Pines
Second: Richard Leonard's #6424 hybridizer unknown Whispering Pines
Third: Anne Reisch

25. Azaleas, deciduous and evergreen, identity unknown

First: no award
Second: the Keegans
Third: no award

26. Specimen plants no entries

27: Flower arrangements featuring rhododendrons or azaleas, using only natural plant material, fresh or dried

First: Nancy Allen
Second: Hazel Johnston
Third: Constance Keegan
H.M.: Nancy Allen
H.M.: Hazel Johnston

I would like to thank all the members who served as Judges and Clerks; they worked hard and quickly. Judges: Helga Andrews, Marian Benima, Henk Borsje, Joe Bruso, Betty Carlhian, Hal and Irma DeBruyn, Elie Friedlander, Tony Knights, Pete Littlefield, Peg Megowan, Ann Reisch, Lorry Roeder, George Silverman, Jeff Thompson and sometimes Joe Parks. Clerks: Ed Bensley, Dana Clark, Gordene Everett, Rich Horowitz, Harriet Kavanagh, David Musket, Dick Reinemann, Mary Roeder and often Joe Parks.

It was a beautiful show for a beautiful if unusual Spring --the winter was wonderfully mild, the spring early, with long cool periods and occasional short hot bursts. As a result, bloom times were all mixed up. The show was notable for having essentially no Dexter’s; we are used to having few elepidotes when the season is early, but no Dexter’s? It was a rather small show with 209 entries and a lot of categories were almost or completely empty.

Susan Clark, Head of Judging

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