1996 Memorial Day Flower Show Results

by Susan Clark, Head Judge

Rhododendron 'Anna' X yakushimanum (Furman)
Class 11A Flower Show Entry

Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron 'Anna' X yakushimanum (Furman) displayed at Memorial Day Flower Show

Best in Show 'Anna' X yakushimanum Bob Furman
Best Seed Exchange no entries
Best Novice 'Cynthia' Jane Hinckley
Best Species R. carolinianum Dick Brooks
Best New England Hybrid Severe 'Great Lakes' X 'America' Dick Brooks
Best New England Hybrid Mild 'Anna' X yakushimanum Bob Furman
Best yakushimanum Hybrid 'Anna' X yakushimanum Bob Furman
Best Deciduous Azalea Hybrid 'Jane Abbot' Frank Brako
Best Evergreen Azalea Hybrid 'Glory' Frank Brako
Best Lepidote Hybrid no entries
Best -25 Elepidote Hybrid 'Bravo' Powell Huie
Best -15 Elepidote Hybrid 'Francesca' Ed Brown
Best -5 Elepidote Hybrid 'Cynthia' Jane Hinckley
Best Dexter Hybrid 'Dexter's Accomplishment' Powell Huie

1. Species: Subgenus Hymenanthes (elepidote rhododendrons)

1A. Subsection Fortunea

no entries

1B. Subsection Pontica

1B1. Other

First: yakushimanum 'Mist Maiden' the Perkins
Second: no name Bob Furman
Third: yakushimanum Bob Furman
H.M: yakushimanum 'Mist Maiden' Powell Huie
H.M.: yakushimanum 'Bovee's Wok' Lorry Roeder

1B2. 'Ken Janek'

First: the Perkins
Second: Bill Sweeney
Third: Jane Hinckley

2. Species: Subgenus Rhododendron (lepidote rhododendrons)

2A. Section Rhododendron

2A.1 Subsection Caroliniana

First: carolinianum Dick Brooks

Second: minus 'Epoch' Powell Huie

Third: carolinianum Paul Olafsen

H.M.: carolinianum 'Burns Yellow' the Perkins

2A.2 All other subsections

no entries

2B. Section Pogonanthum

2C. Section Vireya

3. Species: Subgenus Pentanthera (deciduous azaleas)

First: prinophyllum Dick Brooks

Second: japonicum George Hibben

Third: austrinum Powell Huie

periclymenoides Paul Olafsen

4. Species: Subgenus Tsutsutsi (evergreen azaleas)

First: kiusianum 'Komo Kulshan' Dick Brooks

Second kaempferi Powell Huie

5. Species: Subgenera Azaleastrum, Candidastrum, Mumeazalea & Therorhodion

6. New rhododendrons grown from seed and never before exhibited at an A. R.S. show:

6A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the National A.R.S. Seed Exchange

6B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

First: Golden Torch X Small Wonder Bob Furman

Second: --

Third: Boule de Neige X (yakushimanum X haematodes) X (yakushimanum X ?) [sic] Joe Parks

7. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -25 (H1):

7A. Red

First: --

Second: Henry's Red Pete Littlefield

7B. Pink

First: Bravo Powell Huie

7C. White

First: --

Second: Boule de Neige Frank Brako

White Peter Ian Donovan

7D Lavender, purple

8. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -15 (H2)

8A. Red

First: Francesca Ed Brown

Second: Snow's Red Josie Coleman

Third: Snow's Red Ed Brown

H.M.: Vivacious Dick Brooks

8B. Pink

8B1 Dark Pink

First: Albert Close Jane Hinckley

Second: Rochelle Jane Hinckley

Third: Lemon Frost X Spell Josie Coleman

H.M.: Minas Rose Dick Brooks

8B2 Light Pink

First: Great Lakes X America Dick Brooks

Second: Bali Dick Brooks

Third: Dean Hall Josie Coleman

8C. White

First: White Dimples Peg Megowan

Second: White Dimples Lorry Roeder

Third: Dolly Madison Dick Brooks

8D. Lavender, purple

Second: Lavender Queen Lorry Roeder

8E. Cream, yellow, apricot

First: Big Deal Bea MacDonald

Second: Bellringer Phyllis Laking Hunt

Third: brachycarpum hybrid X Golden Star Lorry Roeder

9. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -5 (H3)

9A. Red

First: Gigi X Jean Marie Bob Furman

9B. Pink

First: Cynthia Jane Hinkley

Second: Kalinka Lorry Roeder

Third: Amy Powell Huie

9C. White

First: White Swan Powell Huie

9D. Lavender, purple

First: Irresistible Impulse Powell Huie

9E. Cream, yellow

First: --

Second: Elsie Straver Powell Huie

Third: Festivo Dick Brooks

9F. Orange, apricot

First: Marybelle X Dexter's Honeydew Bob Furman

Second: --

Third: Hello Dolly Dick Brooks

10. Dexter hybrids

10A. Red

First: Accomplishment Powell Huie

Second: Gigi Josie Coleman

10B.1 Scintillation

First: Jane Hinckley

Second: Phyllis Laking Hunt

10B.2 Other pinks

First: Elinor Hotchkiss Bob Furman

Second: Sandwich Appleblossom Phyllis Laking Hunt

Third: Betty Hume Bill Sweeney

H.M.: Sandwich Appleblossom the Doigs

10C. White

10D. Lavender, purple

First: Dexter's Victoria Phyllis Laking Hunt

Second: Dexter's Victoria Betty Carlhian

Third: Elizabeth Poore Ian Donovan

H.M.: Amethyst Russ de Burlo

10E. Cream, yellow, apricot

First: Dexter's Merley Cream Phyllis Laking Hunt

Second: Skyglow Bill Sweeney

11. Hybrids with at least 1/4 yakushimanum in parentage

11A. White

First: Anna X yakushimanum Bob Furman

Second: Tiana Bill Sweeney

Third: Yaku Princess Powell Huie

11B1. Dark Pink

First: Crimson Constellation Dick Brooks

Second: Morgenrot Frank Brako

Third: Elizabeth X yakushimanum Ed Brown

H.M.: Senorita Cheri Ed Brown

11B2. Light Pink

First: Anna X yakushimanum Bob Furman

Second: Aviva Ann Dick Brooks

yakushimanum X everestianum Paul Olafsen

Third: --

H.M.: Yaku Prince Russ de Burlo

11C. Yellow

12. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -5

First: --

Second: Hotei Dick Brooks

13. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -25 (H1)

14. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -15 (H2)

15. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -5 (H1)

16. Lepidote hybrids less hardy than -5 (H3)

17. Vireya hybrids

18. New azalea hybrids grown from seed and never before exhibited at an A.R.S. show:

18A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the National A.R.S. Seed Exchange

18B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

First: poukhanense X Mothers Day Joe Parks

Second: viscosum op seedling Ian Donovan

19. Small-flowered deciduous azalea hybrids:

19A. Red

19B. Pink

First: Jane Abbot Frank Brako

Second: Rosy Lights the Perkins

Third: Homebush Ian Donovan

19C. White

19D. Yellow

First: Narcissiflora Russ de Burlo

Second: Narcissiflora Powell Huie

19E. Orange

First: Keowee Sunset the Perkins

20. Large-flowered deciduous azalea hybrids

20A. Red

Third: Salmon Orange [sic] Jane Hinkley

20B. Pink

20C. White

20D. Yellow

Second: Anquistas Jane Hinkley

Golden Dream Jane Hinkley

20E. Orange

Second: Gibraltar Pete Littlefield

21. Evergreen azalea hybrids hardy to -5 or lower (H3 or hardier)

21A. Red

21B. Pink

First: Glory Frank Brako

Second: Eliza Hyatt Dick Brooks

21C White

Third: Polar Bear Elie Friedlander

21D: Lavender, purple

Third: Herbert Phyllis Laking Hunt

21E. Orange

22. Evergreen azalea hybrids less hardy than -5

23. Azaleodendrons

24. Rhododendrons, lepidote and elepidote, identity unknown

First: pink hybrid Phyllis Laking Hunt

Second: Powell Huie

Third: Phyllis Laking Hunt

H.M.: Paul Olafsen

25. Azaleas, deciduous and evergreen, identity unknown

25A. deciduous

First: orange Phyllis Laking Hunt

Second: Phyllis Laking Hunt

Third: the Doigs

25B. evergreen

Second: pink Phyllis Laking Hunt

26. Specimen plants

27. Flower arrangements featuring rhododendrons or azaleas, using only natural plant material, fresh or dried

We had a small, but lovely show this year --only 191 trusses entered. Judging was still quite difficult, especially the yakushimanum hybrids and the species. We had an outstanding selection of novice entrees and those eligible for the novice trophy were tremendous and very hard to select.

I would like to thank the judges and clerks who worked so hard at the show:

Judges: Helga Andrews, Jim Aplin, Marian Benima, Henk Borsje, Betty Carlhian,Cathy Doig, Bob Doig, Elie Friedlander, Powell Huie, Phyllis Laking Hunt, Tony Knights, Fred Knippel, Pete Littlefield, Peg Megowan, Lorry Roeder, George Silverman and Jeff Thompson.

Clerks: Ed Bensley, Frank Brako, Joe Bruso, Dana Clark, Randy Harris, Lee Jones, Harriet Kavanagh, Constance Keegan, Janet Killeen, and Dick Reineman.

Well done, everybody. Susan Clark, Head of Judging

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