1996 Early Flower Show

by Susan Clark, Head Judge

Entries for Early Spring Flower Show
Picture by S & J Perkins
Lepidotes being entered in Early Spring Flower Show


1st runners up were Powell Huie's spectacular 'Grace Seabrook' and Dick Brook's lovely R. sutchuenense.

1. Species: Subgenus Hymenanthes (elepidote rhododendrons)

1A. Subsection Fortunea

First: R. Brooks, sutchuenense

Second: P. Huie, oreodoxa

1B. Subsection Pontica Second: H. Borsje, degronianum

1C. All other subsections

Second: P. Huie, alutaceum

2. Species: Subgenus Rhododendron (lepidote rhododendrons)

2A. Section Rhododendron

2A.2 All other subsections (not Carolinianum) 2A2A White

First: E. Gingras, dauricum 'Arctic Pearl'

Second: The Perkins, dauricum 'ArcticPearl'

Third: R. Brooks, mucronulatum var. compactum f. leucanthum

2A2B Yellow

First: The Browns, keiskei, tall form

2A2C Pink

First: J. Parks, dauricum, purple selection

Second: I. Donovan, mucronulatum album X mucronulatum v. chejuensis

Third: G. Hibben, mucronulatum X mucronulatum 'Cheju'

H.M. J. Parks, dauricum

8. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -15 (H2)

8C. White

First: P. Huie, 'Bosutch'

9. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -5 (H3)

9A. Red

First: P. Huie, 'Grace Seabrook'

9E. Cream, yellow

First: P. Huie, 'Fabia Glass'' X Gold Star'

13. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -25 (H1)

First: E. Gingras, 'Montchanin'

Second: B. Blackler, 'PJM'

Third: R. Brooks, mucronulatum chejuensis X dauricum, Dean's compact rose

14. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -15 (H2)

14A White

First: E. Gingras, 'April White'

Second: C. Patterson, 'Tessa' X racemosum

Third: The Wrightingtons, racemosum X 'Tessa'

14B 'Mary Fleming'

First: C. Patterson,

Second: The Browns

Third: The Wrightingtons

14C Pink

First: J. Parks, lapponicum X 'PJM'

Second: E. Gingras, 'April Rose'

Third: Wayne Mezitt 'Red Quest'

15. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -5 (H3)

First: J. Coleman, 'Pikeland'

Second: H. Borsje 'Tom Koenig'

Third: The Wrightingtons, 'Tom Koenig'

We had over 70 trusses entered in this early show, lovely proof that many of us are captivated by the smaller, earlier blooms.

Many thanks to our last-minute replacement registrars, Gerry Mollis and Josy Coleman; to CJ Patterson for show steward; to our team of judges, Betty Carlhian, Bill Sweeney and Jim Aplin; and to the abruptly volunteered second team of judges, Charlie Patterson, Fred Knippel and Susan Clark.

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