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1998 Rhododendron Exhibit

1998 Rhododendron Exhibit
"Lifestyles in the Rhododendron Garden"
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron Exhibit 1998 at the Bayside Expo in Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Chapter in the true manner of volunteerism put together an award winning educational garden display in 1998.

Designer: Sally Perkins 

Show  Coordinator: CJ Patterson

Flower Show Committee: Betty Carlhian, George Silverman, Charlie & Constance Keegan, Fred Knippel, Janet Killeen, John Coppinger, Lorry & Mary Roeder, Charlie Patterson, John Perkins, Jim Aplin, George Hibben, Joan Ferguson, Louise Forrest, Barbara Wrightington, Lewie Tuzzolo, and Dick Brooks.


  • MHS Gold Medal
  • Beatrix Farrand Silver Bowl    For the best exhibit of azaleas or rhododendrons in the Show
  • MHS Educational Certificate

Judge Comments:

  • Effective use of following designs of the land. Excellent carry through of theme. Rhododendron paradise. Well done!
  • Extraordinary for showing the diversity in rhododendrons that range from tropical to subtropical to hardy. Wonderful range of colors. Good selection of new cultivars. Nearing frame in the exhibit adds to the educational value of the exhibit. A tastefully designed collector's garden.

The Massachusetts Chapter exhibits annually at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Spring Flower Show.

Statement of Intent

Title: Lifestyles in the Rhododendron Garden

What is the design concept of your exhibit?

A suburban Boston garden featuring high interest rhododendrons and azaleas. An attractive garden retreat is contrasted with the ardent gardener's work area. Low maintenance plantings are contrasted with higher maintenance potted material. Allow natural boulder features to remain in the garden and incorporate them into the design.

Describe the horticultural/ education concept of your exhibit?

Use rhododendrons in New England for a low maintenance garden. (In an actual garden situation, plants would be sited to allow for growth). Create more space with curved paths. Visually isolate work areas from restful areas. Invite wildlife into the garden. Potted material can be easily exchanged for a new look.

What impression or feeling do you want the viewer to experience from your exhibit?

An attractive place for a gardener's hobby or a tranquil place to rest. A garden you can relax and enjoy or a garden you can create and enjoy.

Hardiness zone: zone 6 for all landscaped materials. Tender rhododendrons in pots.

Date of garden: May 16

Did you force your plant material? yes all

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