1997 Rhododendron Exhibit

1997 Rhododendron Exhibit
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron Exhibit 1997 at the Bayside Expo in Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Chapter in the true manner of volunteerism put together an award winning 'secret garden' display in 1997.

Designers: Joan Ferguson and Louise Forrest  

Show  Coordinator: Joan Ferguson

Flower Show Committee: Betty Carlhian, George Silverman, Charlie & Constance Keegan, Fred Knippel, Janet Killeen, John Coppinger, Marcia Mitchell, Lorry & Mary Roeder, CJ & Charlie Patterson, Sally & John Perkins, Tim Craig, Jim Aplin, George Hibben, Gerry Mollis, and Dick Brooks.


  • MHS Gold Medal
  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society Premium Award
  • James Underwood Crockett Award

The Massachusetts Chapter exhibits annually at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Spring Flower Show.

Statement of Intent

Our exhibit is designed to be experienced as a surprise after a long walk in the woods. Near a large rock there is a hidden rhododendron garden with purple, blue, red, and yellow blooms. We have concentrated on "well-behaved" rhododendrons and azaleas that are suitable for today's smaller sized sites. However, you will also see the native galax, a typical ground cover in the mid-Atlantic states where our native azaleas grow, and ferns which provide a contrasting texture. These companion plants help the gardener with weed control and also hide the "bare knees" of the shrubs. All the elements in this "secret garden" combine to make an harmonious whole. The American Rhododendron Society has a very active local chapter. We meet monthly for programs, lectures, and informal conversation. Small groups meet regularly to propagate plants and to discuss rhododendron species and hybridizing.

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