1992 Rhododendron Exhibit

Booklet Cover for 1992 Rhododendron Exhibit
Drawings by Betty Carlhian & Marcia Mitchell
Booklet Cover for Rhododendron Exhibit 1992 at the Bayside Expo in Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Chapter in the true manner of volunteerism put together an award winning educational garden display in 1992.

Designer: Dick Leonard

Chairman of Volunteers: Tim Craig

Flower Show Committee: Betty Carlhian, John Coppinger, Pat Drouin, Janet Killeen, Fred Knippel, Marcia Mitchell, CJ Patterson, Ron Rabideau, Bill Richmond, and George Silverman

Special thanks to University of Massachusetts greenhouse horticulturalists Bill Warner and Fred Leland. Our thanks also to David Craig, ARS greenhouse specialist. The Committee is grateful for their support, enthusiasm, and help in bringing these magnificent rhododendrons into bloom.

The Massachusetts Chapter exhibits annually at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Spring Flower Show.

Statement of Intent: An Informal Garden in a Woodland Setting

This garden is designed to provide a genealogical history of Rhododendron hybrids suitable to the northeast. Species of the genus Rhododendron native to North America are grouped in the right foreground. Beyond are examples of early hybrids made by crossing these natives with Asiatic and European species then known. Twentieth-century explorers discovered new species in remote regions of Asia. Crossing them with American species produces plants with brilliant colors, and size more appropriate to a suburban garden, as shown by the plants on the left. Companion plants add color, form and interest. Thus, the natives reappear in Rhododendron hybrids for American gardens today.

Our show booklet includes a list of all the plants in our exhibit and information concerning the care and planting of rhododendrons.

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