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Susan Clark's Favorite Rhododendrons
ARS Massachusetts Chapter

by Susan Clark 

Rhododendron adenopodum 
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron adenopodum growing in Salem, NH

FAVORITE RHODIES of Susan Clark, Concord, MA. 

I would love to be able to grow large, fragrant whites like some of the Loderi's but Concord is too cold; we periodically get below -15°. So my best fragrant white in my garden is 'Disca' (fortunei ssp. discolor X 'Caroline'). This is a gorgeous plant, with large, medium-dark green, sharp, elegant foliage. It forms a dense mound 6' high after 10 years even in shade. The flowers are lovely, pure white, somewhat fragrant in a large truss. Blooms nicely unless we hit -10° or colder and then they blast. Well worth the risk. 

After viewing my other garden favorites take a tour of my garden

R. adenopodum: elegant, indumented species, very reliable, hardier than usually rated 

R. dauricum 'Madison Snow': very early, pure white, gorgeous bloomer 

R. hyperythrum: rock hardy species, small white flowers, unusual recurved, yellow-stemmed leaves, good contrast with large-leaved rhodies 

R. tsariense and its crosses: cute in the best sense of the word 

R. chapmanii X keiskei: a prostrate form, covers itself with pale peach flowers every spring 

'Donna Totten': very neat white lepidote, similar to 'Manitou' 

'Dr. Edward T. Lufton': a yakushimanum hybrid, very nice, dark, blue-green foliage, cold, frosted effect; good pale lavender to white yakushimanum flowers. very distinct hybrid beautiful all year 

'Elya' (['Fabia' X bureavii] X yakushimanum): small, fuzzy, gorgeous small rose flowers how tender? 

'Wintergreen':  N. Tisbury evergreen azalea, a real creeper with light red flowers, satisfying 12 months of the year 

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