Members' Favorite Rhododendrons
ARS Massachusetts Chapter

Rhododendron 'April Snow' (Mezitt)
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron 'April Snow' (Mezitt) in Salem, NH

Every member of the Massachusetts Chapter has a unique list of favorites. Even the reasons for liking the same cultivar may be unique to the grower. These lists go beyond the compilation of the "Top Ten" good doers. The differences demonstrate why so many hybrids are on the market and why rhododendron species continues to intrigue the learned grower. 

The members favorites are based on their own personal criteria. Take the time to peruse the information each list contains. 

Dick Brooks, Fred Knippel, and George Hibben composed a list of 30 of their favorites. Members of the Massachusetts Chapter's Species Study Group have selected a list of their favorite species.

The Massachusetts Chapter's Roundtable Group has selected a list of proven performers for New England. The Massachusetts Chapter's Species Study Group has selected a list of recommended species for New England.

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