Flower Show Classes

Rhododendron Vulcan's Flame X Small Wonder (Furman)
Class 8A Flower Show Entry

Picture by S & J Perkins
Class 8A Elepidote Entry at Rhododendron Flower Show

1. Species: Subgenus Hymenanthes (elepidote rhododendrons)

1A. Subsection Fortunea
1B. Subsection Pontica
1C. All other subsections

2. Species: Subgenus Rhododendron (lepidote rhododendrons):

2A. Section Rhododendron:
2A.1. Subsection Caroliniana
2A.2. All other subsections of Section Rhododendron
2B. Section Pogonanthum
2C. Section Vireya

3. Species: Subgenus Pentanthera (deciduous azaleas)

4. Species: Subgenus Tsutsusi (evergreen azaleas)

5. Species: Subgenera Azaleastrum, Candidastrum, Mumeazalea, & Therorhodion

6. New rhododendron hybrids grown from seed and never before exhibited at an A.R.S. show:

6A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the ARS Seed Exchange
6B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

7. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -16F to -25F :

7A. Red
7B. Pink
7C. White
7D. Lavender, purple
7E. Cream, yellow
7F. Orange, apricot

8. Elepidote hybrids hardy to -6F to -15F:

8A. Red
8B. Pink
8C. White
8D. Lavender, purple
8E. Cream, yellow
8F. Orange, apricot

9. Elepidote hybrids hardy to 0F to -5F:

9A. Red
9B. Pink
9C. White
9D. Lavender, purple
9E. Cream, yellow
9F. Orange, apricot

10. Elepidote hybrids less hardy than 0F:

10A. Red
10B. Pink
10C. White
10D. Lavender, purple
10E. Cream, yellow
10F. Orange, apricot

11. Dexter hybrids:

11A. Red
11B. Pink
11B.1. Scintillation
11B.2. Other pinks
11C. White
11D. Lavender, purple
11E. Cream, yellow
11F. Orange, apricot

12. Hybrids with at least ¼ R. yakushimanum in parentage

12A. Red
12B. Pink
12C. White
12D. Lavender, purple
12E. Cream, yellow
12F. Orange, apricot

13. Lepidote hybrids hardy to -16F to -25F:

13A. Red
13B. Pink
13C. White
13D. Lavender, purple, blue
13E. Cream, yellow
13F. Orange, apricot

14. Lepidote hybrids hardy to --6F to -15F:

14A. Red
14B. Pink
14C. White
14D. Lavender, purple, blue
14E. Cream, yellow
14F. Orange, apricot

15. Lepidote hybrids hardy to 0F to -5F:

15A. Red
15B. Pink
15C. White
15D. Lavender, purple, blue
15E. Cream, yellow
15F. Orange, apricot

16. Lepidote hybrids, other than Vireyas, less hardy than 0F

17. Vireya hybrids

18. New azalea hybrids grown from seed and never before exhibited at an ARS show:

18A. Plants grown from seed obtained through the ARS Seed Exchange
18B. Plants grown from seed from any other source

19. Deciduous azalea hybrids, small flowered:

19A. Red
19B. Pink
19C. White
19D. Lavender, purple
19E. Cream, yellow
19F. Orange, apricot

20. Deciduous azalea hybrids, large flowered:

20A. Red
20B. Pink
20C. White
20D. Lavender, purple
20E. Cream, yellow
20F. Orange, apricot

21. Evergreen azalea hybrids hardy to -5F or lower:

21A. Red
21B. Pink
21C. White
21D. Lavender, purple
21E. Cream, yellow
21F. Orange, apricot

22. Evergreen azalea hybrids less hardy than -5F

23. Azaleadendrons

24. Rhododendrons, elepidote and lepidote, identity unknown

25. Azaleas, deciduous and evergreen, identity unknown

26. Specimen plants:

26A. Plants in bloom
26B. Bonsai and other permanently containerized plants, in or out of bloom
26C. All others

27. Flower arrangements featuring rhododendrons or azaleas, using only natural plant material, fresh or dried

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