Massachusetts Chapter's Bylaws Committee proposed in 1997 an update to the chapter's bylaws which failed due to a lack of a quorum. The bylaws below represent the current bylaws.

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ARTICLE I Affiliation and Purpose

Section A. Affiliation. This organization shall be affiliated with The American Rhododendron Society as a Chapter thereof, and shall be known officially as American Rhododendron Society Massachusetts Chapter, Inc.

Section B. Purpose. The purposes of the Chapter are to encourage interest in and the dissemination of information and knowledge about the genus Rhododendron, including Azaleas, and to provide a medium through which all persons interested in the genus may communicate and cooperate with others of like interest, through educational and scientific studies, meetings, publication and similar activities.

ARTICLE II Membership

Section A. Eligibility. Membership is this Chapter shall be open to any person interested in rhododendrons and azaleas.

Section B. Classes. Classes of membership shall conform to the classes defined by The American Rhododendron Society.

Section C. Membership in Society. All full, active Chapter members shall hold simultaneous membership in the Society.

Section D. Privileges. All members of the Chapter may participate in all meetings and other activities of the Chapter, including shows or exhibitions. A single membership in any class entitles the holder or holders thereof to one vote at meetings of the Chapter and to one copy of the periodic publications or notices of the Chapter.


Section A. Dues. Dues for all members shall be as fixed by The American Rhododendron Society.

Section B. Associate Membership. One who is already a member in good standing of The American Rhododendron Society, who belongs to another Chapter thereof, may, by application, become an associate member of this Chapter by payment of Chapter dues.

Section C. Society Dues. The Treasurer of the Chapter shall remit to The American Rhododendron Society an amount for each member as prescribed by The American Rhododendron Society.

ARTICLE IV Executive Board

Section A. Board Membership. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers, the immediate Past President, and six elected Directors. Two Directors shall be elected each year, and each elected Director shall serve for a three-year term.

Section B. Duties. The duties of the Executive Board shall include, but not be limited to, the formulation and implementation of all matters of Chapter policy. An annual budget, and any expenditures outside of the annual budget, shall be authorized and approved by the Executive Board.

Section C. Quorum. Six members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section D. Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet on call from the President of the Chapter, or in the absence of the President, the Vice-President, but at least twice each year.

ARTICLE V Officers

Section A. Officers and Their Terms. The Officers of the Chapter shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer. Each Officer shall be elected for a one-year term.

Section B. President. The President shall preside at general and Executive Board meetings. With exception of the nominating committee, the President shall appoint committee chairmen; shall be a member ex officio of all regular or special committees; and shall approve all expenditures not provided in the budget but authorized by the Executive Board, before payment of such by the Treasurer.

Section C. Vice -President. The Vice-President shall assist the President; shall in the absence of the President perform all the duties of that office; and shall act as Program Chairman.

Section D. Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary shall record the actions taken at Executive Board meetings and send minutes of the same to every member of the Executive Board and to the Secretary and Editor of the Society; shall record the actions taken at other meetings of the Chapter and send minutes of the same to the Corresponding Secretary for mailing to the membership; and shall notify the Secretary of the Society of the results of Chapter elections.

Section E. Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary shall send to each member of the Chapter and to the Secretary and Editor of the Society notices of all meetings, tours, exhibitions and other events sponsored by the Chapter, as well as minutes of the general meetings of the Chapter.

Section F. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall collect all membership dues and perform the other customary duties of such office. The President shall annually appoint an auditor who shall examine the Treasurer's accounts for the last fiscal year and report in writing to the President the results of the audit. The headquarters of the Chapter shall be the residence of the Treasurer.

Section G. Vacancies. If any office becomes vacant, the President shall perform the duties of that office until the next meeting of the Executive Board, at which the Board shall appoint a successor to serve until the next Annual Meeting.

Section H. Limitation. The President and Vice-President shall be ineligible to succeed themselves more than once.

ARTICLE VI Fiscal Year and Meetings

Section A. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be as determined by the Executive Board.

Section B. Meetings. There shall be at least six regular meetings a year, of which the April meeting shall be the Annual Meeting. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or the Executive Board. Notices of all meetings shall be mailed not less than twenty-one days in advance of the meeting date.

Section C. Quorum. Forty voting members shall constitute a quorum.


Section A. Nominations and Elections. Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint a nominating committee of five members of the Chapter, who shall nominate a slate of Officers and Directors for election at the Annual Meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor. Those elected shall take office on the first of July.

Section B. Records. Outgoing Officers shall before July deliver to their successors in office all records and other materials belonging to the office.


Section A. Amendments. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at any meeting of the Chapter, provided that the substance of the proposed amendment shall have been presented at the meeting next prior to the one at which it shall be voted on, and provided further that notice of the proposed amendment is mailed to each member not less than twenty-one days prior to the meeting at which it shall be voted on.

ARTICLE IX Parliamentary Authority

Section A. Parliamentary Authority. Robert's Rules Revised shall be the parliamentary authority.

These Bylaws were adopted unanimously by the Chapter at a meeting on January 13, 1983, and amended unanimously by the Chapter at a meeting on February 17, 1988.

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