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Tour of A Garden on Canobie Lake: Bloom Time

Rhododendron 'Cliff Garland' (Nearing)
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron 'Cliff Garland' (Nearing) in Salem, NH

Day 1

This may be 'Christmas Candy'

Bloom time is recorded based on the day of the month the first floret opens. All rhododendrons blooming in the same six day period are grouped together. Six day periods start at the being of each month so each month has 5 six day periods. If a month has 31 days the last period has 7 not 6 days in it.

Bloom time varies greatly from year to year but the order of bloom remains relatively constant so this tour indicates the day relative to the first blooms rather than indicating the date of bloom. Our first bloom has been as early as March 31 and as late as April 18 in the 10 plus years we have been recording bloom time.

Our bloom period lasts ~115 days from first floret opening to last floret falling to ground

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